Winter Update

We are now right in the middle of winter in Port Lincoln with some more rain over the last 2 weeks as well as cooler temperatures. Things have gone a bit quieter as far as tourist visits but this time of the year is still a good time to spent a few days in Port Lincoln.

One of the attractions right now is whale watching, not necessarily here in Port Lincoln but further along the coast at the Head of the Bight. There have been some whales sighted locally at Sleaford Bay and some times they come right here inside Boston Bay as well but at Nullabor is really the only place where you are certain to see lots of them.

Here in Port Lincoln the Sharks are definitely back at Neptune Island for the people who would like to go cage diving. This is also a great time to visit our National Parks with less visitors you may get a beach all to yourself.
Another good spot to visit this time of the year is Mikkira, take along a picnic lunch and go koala spotting.