January 2017 Update

We are already more then hallway through summer and for us in Port Lincoln the weather has been very kind.  We have and are still having some nice warm days and missed out on the heatwaves.
The Tunarama has just finished again and was a success like every year in Port Lincoln.

Also like every January it is the month the Port Lincoln Arts Prize is held, you can still view the exhibition until the 18th of February at the Nautilus Arts Centre.

Port Lincoln Arts Prize

Some entries for the Port Lincoln Arts Prize

End of Winter Update

Winter is coming to an end in Port Lincoln with the days getting longer and temperatures creeping up. The countryside is really looking great so even though it is still a bit cool now is a good time to come and visit.
The canola fields look absolutely stunning and all the other cereal crops look great and heathy. It is just a sea of green and yellow right now. The wattles as well are all flowering and our little native orchids are popping out of the ground.

canola fields

The country looks great with all the canola fields flowering at the moment.

Autumn Update

While summer has come to an end Autumn is a great time to visit Port Lincoln as the days are usually nice and warm with cooler nights.
A lot has happened since my last post just after the Tunarama, we had the Adelaide to Lincoln yacht race last month. Another popular event is the Port Lincoln Cup which was held last week and the Port Lincoln Racecourse.
We also had the pleasure of the Young Endeavour (replica of Captain Cook’s boat) visiting for a few days.

photo young endeavour

Young Endeavour visiting Port Lincoln

Tunarama 2016

The 2016 Tunarama was again a success and was well patronised not just by the locals but also lots of visitors. Most of the accommodation places in Port Lincoln were booked out with some visitors staying as far away as Coffin Bay and Tumby.

A first this year was the illuminart show projected on the silos, it was on every night at 9:30 PM, see picture below.


Happy 2016

2016 has started and we are at the height of the tourist season now in Port Lincoln and surrounding areas like Coffin Bay & Tumby Bay. Most accommodation places have been booked out and a lot of them still are, but there are still some vacancies if you are thinking of coming to Port Lincoln for a visit.
Today we also have again the Pacific Jewel from P&O cruises visiting for the day, while we had quite a lot of warm and hot days already this summer today is a bit on the cool side.

The last 3 months have also been very dry in Port Lincoln with very little rainfall since the beginning of October; in fact 2015 has been way below our 520mm average with only 412mm recorded for the year.

Only 3 more weeks to the Tunarama Festival starting on the 22nd to the 26th of January, visit the official website for more information.